A warm welcome to Sterling Advance

Born from the Sterling Networks culture, which has thrived for over 10 years’, founder of Sterling Advance, Neil Davis and Business Coach Alan Clark, are passionate about connecting businesses and helping them reach their full potential. Sterling Advance is a fresh take on networking within the local business arena, building on the unique ‘Engine Room’ formula within each meeting to develop the power of relationships and teams. In bringing a small group of growth minded business leaders together such as business owners, those who are scaling up, Directors and heads of business functions, we aim to provide a platform for driving development and growth.

A hybrid approach to business development

Neil and Alan, who met through Sterling Networks, share the belief that networking, and coaching can really help to facilitate - personal development, overcoming limitations (some self-created!) delivering on business goals and learning from others. This belief has been the catalyst for creating Sterling Advance and provides a hybrid experience, that not only can create networking referrals but also nurtures individual and business growth at many levels.

Sterling Advance… our commitment to helping businesses

The ethos of Sterling Advance is to help businesses build relationships underpinned by integrity and to grow. Our concept of integrating networking and business coaching gives business leaders the chance to grow personally, professionally and build a more profitable business.

Interested to find out more about Sterling Advance? Please give the leadership team a call on 01905 947 150 or alternatively email info@sterlingadvance.co.uk