Bring your Advance skills to the room


Sterling Advance welcomes like-minded networkers and business leaders to its strategic development groups. Operating an exclusive one seat policy, gives every group a unique blend of skills in each of the monthly executive style meetings, that take place across the region.  With a maximum of 12 members from differing sectors, all who are looking to develop or enhance a specific area of their business, form a team focused on results. We understand that maintaining your privacy is important to you, so Sterling Advance will operate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a brief interview will be carried out prior to joining, to ensure the suitability of each member.



An Advance structure for an Advance team

We have developed a programme, which intends to fulfil the key needs of the businesses within the group and is delivered each month by an experienced Advance Coach.  Each member will have the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation about their business and then ask for help, advice, or clarity to help maximise performance. 

Structure of a Sterling Advance meeting

  • Welcome
  •  Meeting agenda – Advance Coach outlines the agenda for the meeting
  • 60 seconds updates – members introduce and update from previous meeting
  • Advance Mastermind – a 30-minute business focus from one member (10-minute presentation and 20-minute trouble shooting) all guided by an experienced business Advance Coach
  • Engine room break – we give you 20 minutes where you are free to talk to other members, book meetings, exchange thoughts and find out more about each other on a personal level
  • Advance Masterclass - 1-hour coaching session with your Advance Coach, who will act as a business facilitator, to develop skills in topics such as leadership development, business development or self-development
  • Close

Adding Advance skills to your business

The two areas of the meeting which differ from our original networking structure include our ‘Advance Mastermind’ and ‘Advance Masterclass’ which are designed to add real depth of knowledge and stimulate fresh thinking for every business leader in the room.

Advance Mastermind

In order for you to achieve maximum results from each session, an open safe-space will be created for each member to access intelligence, expertise and knowledge from their fellow Advance peers. This helps members to grow and develop a particular aspect of their business in a confidential environment.

By creating an executive feel, it gives businesses who are scaling up the benefit of understanding how an executive team can work together to maximise value and it gives members an opportunity to learn from the conversation. 

Each month a member is invited to give a 10-minute presentation about their business.  This then leads to an opportunity to request the help and advice from other members in the room, in order to overcome a problem or maximise an opportunity that they might have. All discussions are facilitated by an experienced Advance Coach, to capture insights and explore new avenues to expand the thought process. The Advance Mastermind part helps to build relationships quickly, with the purpose to win in and outside of the room.

Advance Masterclass

The Advance Masterclass is a 60-minute development session from one of our experienced Advance coaches.  It has been designed to provide additional support and expertise in areas such as business development, leadership development and self-development.

Working in synergy with our members our Advance Masterclasses will be developed with your specific needs and requirements in mind.  If there are additional and new areas that the group will benefit from, then we will explore them as the group evolves.

If you would like to discuss how Sterling Advance could help your business, or to discuss any aspect of the meeting, please call 01905 969 300 or alternatively email